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KT Trailer's Warranty


The following are the KT Trailer's terms and condition.

In each case warranties are subject the the limitations.


18-month Limited Warranty


Replacement/Repair of chassis, axle


12-month Limited Warranty


Replacement/Repair of all other components

manufactured by KT Trailer's.


6-Month Limited Warranty


Replacement/Repair of wheel bearing's; lights; wiring;




Under all the above mentioned warranties, KT Trailer's will repair or replace free of charge

any components that need repair or replacement as a result of defective workmanship or materials.


The warranty covers normal use only and does not extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect

or accident.


Under no circumstances shall KT Trailer's be liable for any consequential, indirect,or incidental

damage of any kind incurred by reason of the manufacture, workmanship, sale, use, or otherwise

of the trailer,or any defective component.


Nor will it be responsible for any repair charges carried out to defective components by other people

other than itself. Unless agreed upon prior to work being carried out. All repairs will be carried out at the KT Trailers workshop. 

Repairs at the customers location are possible as per prior arrangement, a travel charge will apply.  

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